EFA has grown confidently since its establishment by providing training and security services in every aspect against unconventional warfare, besides mandatory training both local and international points in various corporate and individual projects.

Our responsibilities increased parallel to our experience gained in many years, which led us to upgrade our standards into creating special, effective and quality solutions specific to our customers’ needs.

While creating these solutions, which are exclusively offered for the shifting needs of different sectors; our staff, who are specialized in their field, optimizes the cost burdens of our customers by determining the extent of which security technologies and security personnel will meet in order to fulfill the requirements of our projects during the operation. In this way, our business partners are given the opportunity to use the extra maneuvering space earned in their budgets to take a step forward in their difficult market conditions.


In addition to having more than 10 years of experience, EFA follows the legal regulations meticulously and increased its service quality to an awareness level by operating the audit mechanisms beneficially.

In time; EFA, which has become a significant brand in the security sector by creating customer satisfaction owing to its in place discipline and service quality, is a company preferred by institutions and enterprises in both public and private sectors, regardless of their size.


EFA provides private security services with on food and motorized units to ensure the safety of life and property in factories, offices, facilities, construction sites, airports and ports, hospitals, residences and other areas belonging to institutions and individuals with EFA’s experienced management staff in accordance with the requirements of the law under 5188.

EFA, which is established in Istanbul, operates in many different locations on an international scale with its regional directorates in Izmir, Antalya, Tokat and abroad office in Qatar-Doha.

EFA, which binds its institutionalized activities to systems and procedures; has a prior understanding for the importance of trained personnel and technological developments in its services. Therefore, our expert and experienced training staff continue to update EFA’s security guard knowledge by providing periodic in-house training specific to our projects. Many participants benefit from the training and certificate programs held in Istanbul and Qatar-Doha.


Besides the comprehensive security services, EFA also provides security services and consultancy for periodic and project-based events.

The safety of the participants, equipment and the area of our customers is ensured in periodic or one-time events such as fairs, concerts, meetings and sports activities. Required permits and necessary notifications are taken on behalf of our customers during these activities.

  • Fairs
  • Concerts
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Fashion Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Sports Activities
  • Races
  • Outdoor Activities


As it becomes increasingly difficult to reach a qualified workforce, businesses which cannot benefit from technology effectively are considered as not cost-efficient. When security technologies such as cameras, alarms, barriers or turnstiles are set up by different suppliers, the security systems cannot operate cost-effectively and efficiently.

EFA expands the use of technology in security services, which is accessible day by day, by establishing a link between conventional security personnel and modern security technologies. In this way, with the implementation of security as a whole, a correct security setup is established, security personnel and technology are operated in harmony and our customers are provided with the optimum security solution that will provide the most benefit.

Feasibility, system design, project design, infrastructure services, assembly, testing, commissioning, training and post-warranty maintenance services are held by expert staff.

  • Closed Circuit Camera Systems (CCTV)
  • Card Access Systems (KGS)
  • Fire Detection and Warning Systems
  • Burglar Warning Systems
  • X-Ray and Metal Door Detectors
  • It is provided by using Security Purpose Vehicle Barrier Systems.
  • Surveillance with Drones


EFA provides training specialized in counterterrorism and unconventional warfare tasks with military experienced training officers.


EFA provides security consultancy services besides all other training and security activities, such as:

  • Evaluating the efficiency of security services provided by our customers within their own organizations or through other outsources,
  • Determining the security level of the institutions that need security within the scope of determining and evaluating the residential area and developing preventive methods according to the threats determined for the project as a result of these assessments,
  • Preparing and presenting the details of threats such as theft, fire and sabotage that the service area may be exposed to by analyzing and presenting them to customers and creating emergency scenarios regarding the events that may occur in order to return the control to normal as soon as possible after such possible dangers,
  • CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems, X-Ray Detectors etc. as well as the physical security requirement determined for the project,

Our security consultancy service also includes electronic security planning with feasibility of security checkpoints and security devices to be used at these points.

Investment and operating costs are estimated in separate reports within the scope of all these electronic and physical security planning with proposed technical specifications.

In addition to these services; follow-up, management and implementation of all legal processes will be carried out by EFA if needed.

Also training on specialized issues of organizations, recruitments and preparation stages, providing concept training and periodic checks of security procedures, operational activities to maintain high quality security service, preparing and presenting Quality Performance Evaluations prepared by our audit managers and the most up-to-date information you need on security is provided by EFA.


We would like to emphasize an important issue about what kind of service awaits you, when you decide to work with EFA. That “Moment”; when you start a systematic, quality and efficient action immediately after you assign us as one of your solution partners and continues throughout the time we work:


- Our specialized team reconnoitres on site, takes video and photo shots from each security points and creates a risk analysis report,

- Security level and needs are defıned as well as logistic and financial necessities, and initial evaluations are settled by our operational supervisors,

- Various scenarios are prepared and presented on virtual platforms

- Alternative solutions are created dedicated for the customer.


- Unique staff members authorized by Law No. 5188 are recruited suitable for the project,

- In-Company Training customized for the project initiates,

- SPGs are all set (Security Point Guidelines),

- Virtual and Practical Trainings are also completed for Our Guards,

- Results of evaluation tests are taken,

- Rehearsals of the uniforms are done and required equipment are handed in.


Everything proceeds on track,

- Our customers are informed of every step of our operations by given reports,

- We have a rich reporting system,

- Do you have any questions about security?

- Our Operational Supervisors are available 24/7. Feel free to contact them!


Reliability is not an excuse to control.

- Our regular and irregular inspection reports of operations at security points are shared with you,

- Our mobile crew are on duty for your calls 24/7,

- “On Duty Trainings” of security guards are carried on by our inspections,

- Objective of our Inspectors at their visits is to get your comments and create new solutions to fulfill customer satisfaction.


Phone: +90 549 360 61 20

Fax: +90 212 273 09 77


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