EFA, which was founded in Istanbul 2007, provides armed and unarmed security services over 100 locations with a considerable number of certified security personnel who are selected exclusively in accordance with the needs of its customers and specialized administrative staff with experience in domestic and abroad projects on an international scale.

EFA has a motto that places quality standard and customer satisfaction upfront by reflecting technological developments and knowledge in training and improvement of its personnel.


The need for protection and security of mankind remains important for modern people. Protection from nature and wild animals in the early ages yield into protecting people from themselves.

People of the 21st century, who can access everything easily with the development of technology, should take some precautions to maintain a happy and peaceful life with their loved ones. Since feeling safe is the first condition to perform vital activities.

EFA projects its know-how and technological developments into security guards’ built-in training by having an innovative and open-to-progress perspective. This creates an understanding of services with high quality standards which prioritizes customer satisfaction.


Fulfilling customer expectations and needs within the concept of quality is the main purpose of EFA.

To do so, we create a controlled working environment throughout our service with a sense of quality responsibility.

We mind our social responsibilities with respect to our surroundings while targeting a defect-free work ethic and caring about teamwork for our common goals.


EFA believes that the power stems from knowledge as well as experience. We also believe that the best defense against the threats of the 21st Century is a well-trained, well-educated and intensively motivated security team. Therefore EFA allocated most of its investment in Research and Development (R&D) works, which made us develop the best security service training program in the security industry.

As the world keeps changing continuously; EFA, has made the biggest investment on recruiting, selecting, screening, educating and training programs so as to keep the time.

As our proprietary programs decorate our security guards with vital skills, it reinforces the integrity, vigilance and helpfulness which are the integral values of EFA.







Signing a JV agreement with a Qatari company in Doha in 2016, EFA fulfilled its mission of becoming an "International Company" by establishing its Qatar branch.

With this accomplishment; combining its 25 years of experience in domestic and international missions with the potential of the international arena, EFA has carried its world-class services abroad.

EFA keeps on its international activities and duties in Qatar Emirate.


Phone: +90 549 360 61 20

Fax: +90 212 273 09 77


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